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What's better than knowing your SEO goals? A road-map to achieving them! This audit report will help you identify the opportunities you are missing out on and losing revenue every day.

Spot Check Report of all Links, Response Codes & much more.

Broken links within your site not only put off visitors, search engines do not like them either. All indexed pages on your site should be up and accessible or redirected using the appropriate response code.

​ Report on Headings, Metas, Structured data, AJAX, Images & more.  

On-Page SEO is where a lot of SEO companies go wrong. Loading your website with thousands of low-quality backlinks simply does not work anymore! SEO in today's day and age needs a thorough on-page strategy.

Mobile Compatibility testing report & findings. 

Above 80% of conversions happen on mobile screens. If your website is not optimal on mobile devices, you are losing opportunities. Google takes mobile compatibility seriously and so should you. 


​ ​​Toxic Link Analysis report to help you clean bad backlinks.

Backlinks do work! However, many SEO companies rely on a volume-based approach rather than focusing on quality. Low-quality backlinks do not help with the site authority but can damage your rankings.

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This is where it all goes wrong!
Every SEO campaign should ideally have the following checked & done in the first few months. Truth is, many SEO companies don't do these simple (and most important) things until you start asking questions.
  • Metas: All pages on the site should have the right metadata.
  •  Site Map: every time a new page is created, it needs to be added to the sitemap file.
  • Headings & Titles: Over 28% of the sites have these set up incorrectly. Duplicate H1s are seen often across sites.
  • Alts Tags: All the images on the site should have the right ALT tags mentioned.
  • Image Optimisation: If you're serving high-res images, this may affect your site speed.
  • Text-to-code Ratios: Maintain a healthy ratio by minimising extra code on your site.
  • Keyword Density: Your page mapping & keywords density needs to be on point.
  • Mobile Rendering: Run a Google Mobile friendly test regularly.
  • Speed Optimisation: Your page needs to be served quickly else you lose visitors.

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SEO Audit takes time and effort. We've limited this to a small number of businesses who are serious about their investment in SEO.

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Getting an SEO Audit is fundamental in knowing how your SEO campaign is performing! Consisting of an On-Page and Off-Page analysis, your FREE SEO Audit creates a complete 360° profile for your website. Using this report, you will be able to make important statistical decisions on how to further your digital marketing strategies.

more than 65% of the searches start on mobile...

Research shows a majority of the websites on the internet hoping to generate leads aren't mobile-friendly. This is not just a ranking factor but also determines your site's conversion rate.

Set correct viewport for visitors from different devices.

Avoid using fixed viewports because there are way too many devices and your site will not be compatible with all sizes. Many website developers assume an unrealistic wide minimum viewport which forces users on smaller devices to scroll horizontally and read the content.

Font sizes are suitable for all types of screens.

'Pinch-to-zoom' or 'squint-to-read' is very uncomfortable and puts off many people. After setting the right viewport, set your fonts to scale according to the screen size.

Touch elements should not be too close to each other.

Do not put buttons or links so close to each other that the users cannot click one element without accidentally clicking the element next to it.

​ Blocked JavaScript, CSS, and Image Files.  

Some sites disallow the crawling of these assets. If Google bots cannot access these assets, it can directly affect how well your site is rendered in eyes of search engines. 

Your site speed is the biggest ranking influencer in 2020.

Over the years site speed has gained its importance over other SEO factors. Now, good site speed is considered a 'must-have' to rank on Google. It's so important that Google has created a tool to measure it called Google Lighthouse. Some important factors that influence your site speed rating on Google are:

First Meaningful Paint is the first point while the site is loading where users can understand what the content is about. For example, instead of just a background, a text block and image are loaded. 

Speed Index is measured in seconds. So the lower the score, the better. This metric is a bit more complex. But essentially, it measures how quickly elements on the screen are visually populated.

First CPU Idle is the time when the user can start the interaction with the site. If a site is loading, users cannot scroll or click on elements. It's the point at which the user can start the input like, click elements or scroll the page.

Time to interactive is the first point at which the site is completely loaded in the device's memory and ready for interaction without any elements remaining to load.

'Toxic links' can get you banned from google.
Toxic backlinks from spammy websites are often created by competitors to lower your site ranks. Also known as negative SEO, this practice can seriously affect your online ranks.

Toxic links analysis should be done at least once every six months. By looking at all the backlinks to the website, their sources and toxicity level can help you maintain a healthy backlink profile.

Disavow toxic links using the Google Disavow tool to ensure they are not considered against your website SEO profile. 

This 360° seo audit will
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Do not wait until you've spent thousands on hopeless campaigns that do not produce a return. Hundreds of businesses are ripped off every year by cookie-cutter SEO strategies! Request your FREE 360° SEO Audit.


All requests are treated on 'first come' basis. We generally get in touch with you within 24 hours. All audits are conducted by SEO experts using third party tools and accuracy of these tools may influence the accuracy of the audit.

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